Boil together 1kg White Choc and 1L Cream. Allow to cool. Add half of mixture to our 400g pack Cheesecake mix and 100g Instant Cream Powder. Whip with electric mixer until light and fluffy! Spread over Red Velvet cake or pipe onto Carrot cupcakes! Yumeee!



A fruit cake bakes longer than normal sponge cakes. Make sure the temperature is not too high when baking, for the cake will cook on the outside but will stay raw inside.



Make Ganache quick and easy. Boil 1L Cream. Remove from heat and stir in 2kg Dark melting chocolate with 10ml Vanilla. Stir until melted and spread or pour over cake.




Use our delicious sponge mixes to make a moist Rainbow Cake. Different flavours of icing sugar between the different colours cake makes it so much more interesting and tasty!



Covering a Sponge Cake with fondant, you need to spread a thin layer of butter icing to make the cake sticky. Then roll out the fondant, cut of edges and smooth out with cake smoother.



To make figures with fondant or modelling chocolate, you need to mix it with CMC powder. One teaspoon CMC powder with 100g Fondant or Modelling Chocolate. This allows your sugar art to set and harden.




Use these modelling tools to make beautiful creations like flowers and shells. Cut fondant or modelling chocolate with these tools for precise corners and even use the ball tool to thin edges for a finer finish.



To make a super-delicious chocolate cake, try adding a bit extra oil, using buttermilk instead of milk, and lastly adding a pinch of coffee!



Measure. Measure. Measure. To ensure success of any baked goods, proper measurements of the ingredients is important to get the exact amount you need for the recipe.




Don’t use cold eggs in your batter or dough, the mixture won’t emulsify properly. To get them to room temperature, place your eggs in a bowl of warm water for 10 to 15 minutes.







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